Here is the full and exhaustive list of our equipment divided into
three sections: motorcycle, tools/spares, personal.  Somehow it all fits!

Motorcycle, Accessories, Modifications

The motorcycle: 2007 KTM 990 Adventure, 12,000 miles

Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate Renazco Racing seat tank protection bars (Hepco Becker)
FMF Q exhaust heated grips European spec headlight shell
HID main and high beams 45 tooth rear sprocket billet dual-seal clutch slave (Evoluzione)
Motion Pro fork bleeders folding shorty mirrors LED front signals
130 decibel horn (FIAMM) handlebar mount for GPS (RAM) intercom, bike mounted and powered (Starcom1)
passenger inflatable seat pad (Airhawk) 36 liter side cases (Caribou) 46 liter top box with passenger backrest (Givi)
tank bag (KTM) tank panniers (Mountain Sun) Super Plush Suspension fork rebuild – .59 kg/mm springs, re-valve
SAS and canister removal rear accessory power socket hardwired GPS power
headlight switch hazard lights octane selector switch
motorcycle tools/spares personal

Tools, Spares, Supplies

8/10mm open end combo wrench (stock kit) pliers/wire cutters (stock kit) 1/4in hex bit driver (ratcheting, stubby)
13/14mm open end combo wrench (stock kit) t-handle, 6mm hex drive (stock kit) 1/4 hex bits: 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex, 1/4, 3/16  flat screwdriver, #1, 2 phi llips, T25 torx, 1/4 square drive, 6in flex extension
14/15mm open end combo wrench (stock kit) 6in extension for t-handle (stock kit) hex bit sockets: 8, 10, 12, 14mm
14mm closed end wrench + bottle opener (stock kit) t-handle sockets 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,17mm (stock kit) 5mm ball end hex key
3/8 + 1/4 drive stubby combo ratchet sockets: 32, 27, 19, 14, 13, 12, 7mm 3/8 wobbler extensions: 6in, 3in
drive adapters: 3/8 to 1/4, 3/8 to 1/2, 1/4 to 3/8 3/8 universal drive 13mm crows foot wrench
Motion Pro 5/8 spark plug socket w/ 3/8 drive wobbler extension Motion Pro
aluminum tire lever/wrench combo, 24 and 32mm
Motion Pro 3/8 drive adapter for 24mm lever wrench
Motion Pro “Bead Popper” bead breaker Motion Pro chain breaker and press combo (t-6 chain tool) multi tool (needle nose, knife, scissors, saw, etc..)
6in. duckbill crescent wrench 6in. needle nose vice grips circlip pliers
small file feeler gauges Schrader valve tool
hemostat credit card multi meter mini butane torch
engine locking bolt mini hacksaw blades (32 teeth/in) inspection mirror
12v inflater pump small digital air gauge headlamp + flashlight
bic lighter piece of 24G guitar string (cleaning clutch oil jet) Motion Pro
motorcycle jumper cables
tie downs/tow strap (Cycoactive “towdown”) tube patch kit + extra consumables collapsible fuel container 2 x 1.5 gallon
200,400,600 grit water proof sandpaper shop rag nitrile gloves
bailing wire zip ties (small, medium, large, extra heavy duty, stainless) hose clamps (s,m,l)
12 gauge electrical wire 18 gauge electrical wire solder
electrical tape self bonding silicone tape duct tape
radiator stop-leak epoxy Quiksteel
WD-40 teflon lube anti seize
moly assembly lube threadlock gel (blue/medium strength) high temp. RTV sealant
liter of oil (10w50 full synth) 525 clip style master links (2) small section of 525 chain
Motion Pro brake and clutch levers water pump rebuild kit spare bolt assortment
oil filter incandescent headlight bulb Motion Pro
throttle cable
spark plug extra spokes clutch slave seals
Schrader valve cores front and rear tubes (stored in freezer zip lock w/ baby powder) intercom helmet headset spare parts
nylon taffeta repair tape webbing, fastex spares for tank panniers
motorcycle tools/spares personal

Personal Gear, Clothing, Electronics, Etc.

Trevor’s riding gear

4 season textile jacket, armor, vented, water/wind proof liner, thermal liner (Rev’it Cayenne Pro) textile riding pants, armor, water/wind proof liner (Rev’it Mistral) motocross boots (Alpinestar Vector)
full length CE level 2 spine protector, integrated into jacket (T-Pro) Dual-sport helmet (Shoei Hornet), shield shade strip, anti-fog mask, integrated intercom headset gauntlet, street gloves (Frank
light weight, warm weather
gloves (Dianese)
waterproof, cold weather gloves
thermal glove liners
goggles w/ quick strap balaclava
Nina’s riding gear

4 season textile jacket, armor,
vented, waterproof thermal liner (Olympia)
textile pants, armor, mesh,
waterproof thermal liner (Olympia)
motocross boots (Fox)
flip-up helmet, shield sun shade
strip, integrated  intercom headset (Shoei Multitec)
gauntlet gloves (Frank Thomas) waterproof, cold weather gloves
warm weather gloves balaclava electric heated vest
Trevor’s clothing

synthetic socks (2 pair) wool socks (2 pair) waterproof socks
merino wool underwear merino wool long underwear swimsuit/shorts
t-shirts (2x merino wool, 1
long sleeve merino wool t-shirt chinos
sun hat closed-toe hiking sandals (Keen) fleece jacket
Nina’s clothing

cotton socks wool socks (4 pair) waterproof socks
cotton underwear (3) merino wool underwear merino wool long underwear
bra (2) bikini tank top
shorts merino wool t-shirts (2) long sleeve merino wool t-shirt
dress jeans sun hat
flip flops running shoes wool hat
fleece jacket

tooth brush/paste dental floss bar soap
shampoo and conditioner deodorant moisturizing lotion
lip balm hair wax shaving razor
nail clippers microfiber camp towel tampons
mascara/eyeliner body lotion

travel medical kit – bandages,
first aid book, etc. (Adventure Medical Kits “Light and Fast – Trail”)
Trevor’s prescriptions Nina’s prescriptions
painkillers + strong painkillers antibiotics altitude sickness medication
anti diarrhea medication malaria medication re-hydration sachets
mosquito repellent after bite sun block

US driving license international driving license (2) passports
green card motorcycle registration motorcycle title
motorcycle insurance documents inoculation cards health insurance and med-evac documents
electronic scans of all
important docs
duplicates of bike documents KTM service manuals (electronic)
Spanish/English dictionary country maps (paper) GPS world map (Wanderlust)
Central America guide book South American guide book

digital SLR camera (Nikon D40),
close up lens, filters
charger, spare battery, mini
tripod, remote shutter release, carry case
pocket camera and case (Sony
quad band cell phone laptop and case (Sony Vaio
multi-charger (iGo)
external USB hard drive and cable GPS and laptop cable (Garmin GPS
PC to TV scan converter and
USB thumb drive DVD backup of software iPod and cables

eye masks earplugs sunglasses
cheap wristwatch universal sink plug washing line
extra earrings hydration bladder bike lock and cable
padlock locking net bag (Packsafe) dummy wallets
pen and pad extra keys ultra-light sleeping bags (Snugpak, REI)
water purification tablets headlamps toilet paper
ROK bungee straps emergency bivouac bags (2) Woolite
sewing kit pen and pad stuff sacks, compression sacks
motorcycle tools/spares personal


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