Buenos Aires facts

13 02 2009

Beunos Aires in the capital of Argentina.   The name means “Fair Winds” or “Good Air”. It is the third largest urban area in the whole of Latin America.  Its architecture most closely resembles that of Paris, Barcelona and blah, blah, blah…

Beunos Aires ROCKS!   The streets are wide and the parks are large and shady.  The Spanish is incomprehensible but the people incredibly friendly.  The food is delectable and the porteños are “hawt”.

Enough with the words, here’s some Beunos Aires pix:

(yippee, finally some good rabbit food for me!)

(Trevor’s off-road gloves don’t have guantlets and don’t quite meet his jacket!)

Sundays in Buenos Aires mean one thing.  Get yourself to San Telmo, buy some tat (sorry “original valuable antiques”) marvel at the French arcitecture and, best of all, people-watch.

Trevor was very pleased he was able to buy his own “Buenos F*cking Aries T-shirt within seconds of getting to San Telmo.  I was less impressed when he wore it the lawyer’s office (for notatrised photocopies) and the fancy Sheraton (to withdraw cash) the next day.

I resisted the urge to magpie and buy tat, and I wish I hadn’t.  I’d love to have one of these soda syphons!

(this old guy was up on a second floor balcony grinning and waving.  Bless!  Wonder if that’s all his does all day?)

Back in Palermo, these were all taken on our street.

Trevor had the alligator:

but don’t worry, he followed it with a steak:

It wasn’t all sun and roses, actually.  It poured with torrential rain, and I had to break out my blancmange cape to run to the store for beer!

It stopped just in time for us to make a dash for dinner.  We had 8.30 reservataions at La Cabrera, widely recommended as the best steak house in BA.  We were the first people there (because we were mad enough to make a reservation so early).  Those that thought they could walk in (who on earth eats that early??) queued around the streets.  We were very amused to see them passing out glasses of champage to those waiting and providing puzzles to keep them entertained.  Maybe they need to.  We certainly took our time!

We anticipated Trevor’s steak being large, so we only shared a plate of deep-fried olives as an appy (so yummy).   I then ordered a vegetable kebab, Trevor ordered his cut of beef, and we split a side of potatoes. This is what arrived:

This is actually taken before our side dish arrived.  Oh, you can’t see Trevor’s steak very clearly?  There were 4 of them!

It was seriously insane.   The complimentary “garnishes” included hummus, potato salad, warm beets, whole heads of roasted garlic, maccaroni, green beans, pate, mushrooms, you name it.  When our potatoes arrived, we didn’t touch them.  The waited offered to wrap them up as he cleared the table, and they served 3 of us for dinner the next night!  Wow!

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3 responses

13 02 2009
Harry Jarvis

Is San Telmo still crazy-packed with people on Sunday? And have you been to La Boca yet? Good pictures there.

14 02 2009

Yep, it’s still madly packed on a Sunday and deserted the rest of the week. Went to La Boca last trip, but hit up the retiro yesterday. NOT looking forward to work on Monday.

14 02 2009
Dona Shine

Welcome Home. Can’t wait to see you.

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